Thursday, March 25, 2010

Delinquents, or Ode to Peter and Sarah


So, not much progress these days on the recording of the new album... my violinist has been pretty busy and we havn't had time to practice. I wasn't gonna start looking for more musicians until we got back together so that's sort of on hold.

In other news, I finished writing a song I've been working on writing, and rewriting, for months now. It's gone through three distinct revisions, the first of which was 9 and a half minutes long.

It's made up of three sections, the second of which was the longest and has gone through the most revisions. First I changed the verse, 'cause I didn't like it. And then I changed the chorus too, so I actually ended up with a completely different middle section than the first. Second version was 8:30 and "final" version is 7:00, and I'm finally happy with each part of the song. Oh right in the second version I also changed the first part... from 3/4 to 4/4.

Alright, so here is a REALLY rough recording of this final structure:

This one just has solo guitar and vocals. The finish will be fully arranged, as usual. There are some notes in there that I didn't hit at all in the recording but I didn't bother trying again because I didn't want to annoy my apartment mates too much.

This recording was basically to get the feel for the song, and the length. Also, hearing the song played helps me thing of better parts and accompaniment.

The third and final part is actually the only one I've finished composing, mainly because it's my favourite and has changed the least from the start. You can listen to that here.

If anyone is interested, I'll post the earlier iterations of the song [I have them all recorded actually], but they're long so I don't know if anyone will want to.

That's all for now!


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