Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Track Listings and Some Things you Probably Wont Care About

Let's talk about some album stuff.

Here is the track listing for my first album:

-01. What Holds us Together in Winter (used to be Winter Sleeping)
-02. Seasons and Struggles (used to be Picture in the Clouds)
-03. Flames of Glory (I'm thinking of renaming this)
-04. Simon and Shirona's Song
-05. A Stronger Man, A Stronger Woman

06. A Life of Questions
07. Sunlight
08. By the Sea, Looking Up at the Sky
09. Walkin'

-10. Lonely as a Stump in the Middle of a Forest

Songs with a dash next to their name mean songs that have been fully arranged/transcribed, with sheet music ready to hand out to musicians. So I have four more left to transcribe. I've got plenty of time though because currently I only have a violinist and I need a cellist and hopefully a trumpet before I consider recording. I could probably do a passable job with the trumpt parts but I'd rather get someone more skilled/focused.

Tentative titles for the album are, "Look and See" or "Get Back Up!!" (complete with the two exclamation points). I'm not sure which I prefer but they are both fitting. Feel free to give opinions on that, or the song titles. I have posted rough demos of tracks 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8 on my bandcamp, which is linked to on the right. Those have been up for a while now.

I have also gotten to work composing my second album. I've got 5 or 6 songs already in the works, two of which I have finished lyrics for and also the general song structure/chord progressions. You can hear a rough demo of one here, tentatively titled, "Well, So It's Gone".

For the second album I'm trying to make it generally more up-tempo/exciting and I think generally it's working out. But we'll see!

For now though I'm gonna focus on transcribing the rest of the album and getting musicians, I think. It's more important to get that first album finished.


  1. Yeah, I'd change flames of glory. It's overused and reminds me of that movie with Will Ferrel in it. D:

    Get back up sounds better to me, but I still wonder what other possible album titles there are.

  2. Yeah, the only reason I called it that is because it's in the first line of the song.

    I think I had written some other album titles down but I'm not sure. There is always the possibility of longer narrative titles.

    I think the running theme of the album is recognizing weaknesses and doing your best to overcome them (hence, "Get Back Up!!"), so if you can think of any other related titles, I'd be happy to hear them!

  3. "Seasons and Struggles (used to be Picture in the Clouds)"

    Eyaah! But I liked "Picture in the Clouds"! *A*

    ...Although, now that I look at it fairly, Seasons and Struggles is pretty good too... maybe even better. (Makes me want to play Harvest Moon, lol. What doesn't?! That game is addicting!)

    Hmmm... this is a tough business!

  4. Ha ha, I liked it too but it didn't seem as appropriate for the content. It was actually something a friend of mine suggested.

    Why does it make you want to play harvest moon?